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Client: Colectivo Workshop

Location: Montclair, NJ


A colectivo is a form of transportation in Mexico, geared towards navigating the masses through the complex warren of highways and roads.


This idea arose from necessity, the need for a working space outside of the home where the user can be stimulated by the dynamism of their surroundings. With that premise on mind, we retrofitted a box truck with solar panels, an interior wood finish, a printer, a coffee machine, portable heating, storage, 3 desks, benches, usb, outlets and wifi. However, the prominent feature of the colectivo is two desks which have the ability to fold down inside of the bus. This allowed us to maximize the use of the space and not only to be used as an office, but a gallery to display art, a music booth, a meeting room, etc.



Our work is indebted to the electric sights and sounds of the cities we have driven through, and the meaningful connections we have made while traveling around the tri-state area.

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