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Client: The Persico Family

Location: Montclair, NJ


Our mission was to transform an existing barn into an art studio and a common space. The common space would also be used as both a guest house and a place for gathering. Therefore, we needed to create a place that could be easily transformed based on the varied needs of the homeowner.


With a limited budget, we needed one big move that would become the focal point for this project.  We were struck by the lush garden in the back of the property, and we immediately knew that our move was to open as much of the art studio as possible to the garden. Consequently, this would open more possibilities to the varying needs of the space. Art parties in the backyard, guests enjoying drinks in the garden, etc.


 We trusted that the vibrant art happening inside of the studio would be reflected on the outside. Therefore, we used black wood sliding as an absent agent on the exterior of the studio. The result was simplicity that left room for the artist to create, to not be overwhelmed by a chaotic space, to bring their passion into an accessible and open-air design.

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